Practice gratitude every day- it’ll change your life.

 ” Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow”  Gratitude can surely be a powerful tool that can serve you to the best if you allow it to You’re probably wondering what are the benefits of practicing gratitude? And how can you practice gratitude? How has gratitude impacted other successful people’s lives? Well, after doing some research and trying it out myself that’s what I’m going to answer. Also, I’m going to be sharing how the practice of gratitude has changed my life in another blog.

The benefits of practing Gratitude

    Practicing gratitude can help improve mental health. Multiple studies have been performed by Robert Emmons, a gratitude researcher, showing the relationship between gratitude and well-being. So, his research shows that gratitude can increase happiness. Not only that but it can also help reduce stress. Accordingly, ” A 2006 study published in behavior research and Therapy found that Vietnam War veterans with higher levels of gratitude experienced lower rates of post-traumatic stress disorder.”  The University of Harvard did research on two groups of people one which focused on daily irritations. And the other that wrote about what they were grateful for. The research lasted 10 weeks. The results were that the ones who practiced gratitude felt better about their lives than those who focused on the negatives. So,  This all shows that the practice of gratitude can lead to a healthier state of mind and overall well being.

Ways to practice gratitude

There are many ways in which to practice gratitude. Here are a few ways:    

•You could write everything you grateful for in a journal. Keep a gratitude journal.    

• directly tell someone your grateful for them.    

•Meditate in the process of letting go. Try to think about what you appreciate.( it can be a simple thing:)

• Write a thank-you note to the people you are grateful for.     

• Take some time to just look around you and admire the beauty in life

       Of course, you can come up with your own way of being grateful for everything good you have in life. Even if it may just gratefulness for being alive. 

How has practicing gratitude impacted other successful people’s life

In his ted talk, David steindl Rast  says ” gratitude is the solemn creator of happiness.” Oprah Winfrey is known for keeping a  gratitude journal for years. And for ” fearless souls” she says,  ” that it changes your vibrational frequency and allows more to be drawn into you.” So, this shows that she has gotten fulfillment out of the things she already has in life and really takes the time to appreciate them. Eckhart Tolle also talked to ” fearless soul” about gratitude. He states that ” abundance is the energy that flows out of you into the world “, which is what you get when you practice gratitude. Tony Robbins has 3 and a half minutes of pure gratitude about 3 things. And he picks one of those three to be simple.

When is the best time to practice gratitude?

The morning is a great time to practice gratitude. Since it’s the beginning of the day. And you’d start out the day just right with a positive mindset. Since you have found something to be content about. It’s also equally as great to practice gratitude before bed. It can even help you get better sleep. Since you remind yourself of the good things in your life.  Accordingly, research in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research has found that feeling grateful helps people sleep better and longer.  

    So, throughout your day try to find time to just think or reflect over all the good things in life you might be grateful for. Even if it’s just that you are alive right now because the chances of that are rare. Always try to find something good to smile about.

Hope all of you are well

Sending you all love ❤️xoxo

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A trip to the beach(personal narrative)

Have you ever had a special, unforgettable trip to the beach? At first, I didn’t really want to go but I’m sure glad I did. I’ve has so many trips to the beach before but what made this trip so special was the amazing time I had bonding with my family in a place filled with such beauty.

First, my mom announced we were going to the beach. “Yay ” I heard my family scream. I groaned because I don’t really want to go to the beach, I usually would get bored in an hour or two of being there. I was also in the middle of playing my video games which was really frustrating. But I knew I couldn’t just stay home alone so I packed some sunscreen, sunglasses, sandals and a hat in my little pink backpack. When I went downstairs to the front door my whole family was already packed and ready to go to the beach. At the ride there, I just sat quietly while I listened to my noisy family blubber about what they were going to do once they got there.

We arrived at the warm sunny beach. My family members quickly unloaded their things and went off. I sat on a rock as the warm sunlight hit my face. ” hey want to try fishing with me” “ok ” I said. He handed me a yellow small fishing rod and I followed him closer to the ocean. He told me about how it used to be, my sisters before she lost interest in fishing. He told me that now it was my turn to learn something his father had taught him. He taught me how to cast a fishing pole and even though it took me lots of tries I eventually got the hang of it. He patiently went over all the steps and assisted me with help when I needed it. Hours passed by, then suddenly, I felt a pull on my fishing pole I immediately applied a pressured pull on the pole and a huge smile grew on my face as I saw I had caught a small little fish. I was like a child who had just gotten the best birthday present ever. ” congrats you caught a fish I’m very proud of you” my father said. He smiled as he took a picture of me and the first fish I had ever caught. I gave my dad a little hug and he hugged me back.

Later I start to get a bit hungry so I decide to go find my mom since she had the snack bag. As I do I stop by my siblings holding colorful buckets that obtained brightly colored seashells. ” stop staring at us and come help us find the best seashells” my brother says and hands me a bright green bucket and yellow little shovel. I stick my hand in the soft yellow sand. I start observing the shapes and colors of each seashell I collected. I picked out the brightest colored seashells out of the soft yellow sand. ” Is this good enough” I sh shouldow my brother my bucket he stares at them and says they’re perfect for should beseashells.we we’re really proud.

Lastly on this wonderful day I relaxed with my mother in the shade, I watched as the ocean waves swayed back and forth and the autumn-colored sky as the afternoon came. I was so calmed by nature and it’s beauty and as I looked back at all I did that day I began to feel really proud of myself for trying new things. Also getting to do it with the people I love the most is what made my trip so special. We all have the things we best like to do at the beach and mines is spending time with my family.

(I wrote a personal narrative because I was bored at home so let me know what you think and I hope 🙏you are all staying healthy and safe and thank you so much for reading have a great day.) (Btw I would totally encourage you guys to write a personal narrative If your bored at home right now for fun it’s totally worth your while to jot down in paper that special memory you like to reflect upon)

The 5 best things to do while stuck at home

I know its a hard time for everyone right now and I just want to wish you all the best and hope you are staying safe. Most of us are home during this time and I know it can get a bit boring sometimes but I’m here to help you find good things to spend your time doing in case you have a bite of free time. So let’s get to it.

1. Yoga

If you’ve never done yoga you should definitely try it. No you don’t need to go to a yoga class to do yoga. You can do it at the comfort of your home by following along on youtube videos for beginners. Find a comfy spot in your house, and set up your mat and give yourself the time you deserve I o relax from all that’s happening right now. Yoga will help your mind, soul, and body set up a state of calmness and well-being if you allow it to transform you. It’ss also a good way to express the negative emotions you might be feeling throughout this time. If you have been overeating and gaining a lot of weight quarantine than it can also help you lose weight.

Tip for beginners: I used to be a yoga teacher and what I noticed I myself and a lot of people who were just beginning do is they tend to focus on getting the poses right. But remember this is meant to help you nourish yourself and so try doing some movements and poses that feel right to you. You’re sup supposed too feel immense pain while doing yoga or afterwords it so yea..if it doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t.

(I linked some yoga for beginners youtube videos that are my favorites you can check them out if you want)

2. Try cooking recipes

We can’t eat at restaurants right now…but hey! … imperfect time to try out your grandma’s cooking recipes or any family members cooking recipe book. For even more fun cook with your family and really get to know your family’s roots and heritage. You can also be really creative and experiment with different foods you’ve never heard about… that you happen to have in your fridge. Create your very own special recipe that other generations of your family c, later on,n, on p and celebrate So you can have a delightful meal at home.

There’s a special section on youtube just for recipes that you can try while you’re stuck at home so if you haven’t already you can try them. You can put on your chef hat and apron and cook something nice and tasty I know it:)

I tried my family’s empanada recipe:

3. Read

While we’re stuck at home it might be a good time to pick up that book we have been procrastinating on reading:). Find a genre or series of books or magazines and find your comfortable “reading spot”, if you hadn’t already. Relax, and dive into your favorite book while, growing your brain.

I would recommend reading some fantasy books or stories because we could use a break from reality once in a while especially now. If you don’t really like reading or just don’t have time to read a full book then try audible books. You can listen to a good book while doing things like chores. (I do know that a lot of libraries are closed right now but you can read ebooks which are online books ).

You can check out for reading recommendations.

4. Meditate

Meditation is a thing most people do to connect to their inner-self and to get away from the outside world once in a while. I myself and my family members do meditation daily and they say that it just brings them to a calmer and peaceful state of mind. My older sister finds yoga hard but she has been doing meditation and says it works true wonders on her. So sit down and relax you can do it in your backyard if you want to feel more connected to nature or simply in your room.

If you want you can search on youtube or Spotify for meditation music and play it on while zoning to your inside world. I know it may be hard at first, but try eliminating bad stressful thoughts and just float on your very own cloud. BreBreathee and out and relax think positive thoughts.

It might help to play positive affirmation youtube videos while meditating. But just make sure you’re setting yourself up for success in the future, whatever that may look like to you try to clearly picture it. Work on being a calmer person throughout this time. Meditation can really reset your mindset so don’t underestimate itpopoweran’tn tell you how many people have just completely changed after they started doing meditation. The person with the most anger issues in the world was suddenly a chill dude after meditating.

(I listed some of my favorite meditation music and affirmation videos down below check them out if you want.)

5. Solo dance party or drawing tutorials

Turn up the music and Dance! Dance!Dance! To your favorite jam! Yea if you want you can even try listening and exploring different types of music. Who knows maybe you’ll find a new favorite song or a whole new favorite music genre!

If you have kids let them join in they can learn more about music at so they’ll be sure to learn and have fun!

If you live in an apartment or for another reason can’t dance right now than fortunate for you there’s still a ton of cool things for you to do while at home …like…..drawing tutorials you can follow along on a youtube video. Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out right!this is meant for you to have fun and art is supposed to be your very own creation so you have fun and create your own art to express yourself. I drew something myself too.

Some ideas

  • You can look outside your window and draw what you see
  • Draw your favorite cartoon character
  • Draw your dream house

For an extra idea for what to do is you can make masks out of materials you have in your house. Me and my family made our very own fabulous masks out of old clothing and strings with a sewing kit items we found in our attic. Right now masks are really needed to make your own and help your community. If you can order material online than that’s great and please do but if you cant then use what you have and improvise.

Stay home, stay safe.

Those were the 5 best things to do during the quarantine. Thank you for reading hope I helped you out with some ideas hope you try em out.